Why Seek Wisdom?

Answer: To gain understanding

Sometimes, the challenges of daily life just feel difficult or overwhelming. During these times we may look for a source of answers, counseling or guidance that we can depend upon

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I Can Help You!

“Do you suspect your mate is cheating?”

“Are you in love with a sociopath or narcissist?”

“Is this person really in love with me or just toying with my emotions for money, sex or status?”

Well, Forget Hiring a Private investigator. I can tell you just by behavior observations.

A Message From Monique!

Seek Wisdom is the birthchild of Monique Edwards-Braddy – an accomplished life coach and motivational speaker that is patient, kind and understanding.

Offering not only logical answers but blessed with inspirational wisdom – she has lived through the pain only to discover the victory of healing!

IF YOU FOUND THIS WEBSITE, then you are probably searching for help in finding a more fulfilling life. You may not know what is missing or wrong. You may simply feel empty, dissatisfied, angry, fearful, confused, guilty, or any mix of uncomfortable feelings. Or you may have been struggling for months or years with depression, anxiety, addiction, panic attacks, grief and loss, childhood abuse, codependency, anger, or other problems of life.